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  Electrodynamic Shaker

Electrodynamic Shaker
Electrodynamic Shaker


  • Vibration shaker with output force from 2 Kgf to 50000 kgf
  • Permanent magnet vibration shakers ranging from 2 kgf to 100 Kgf for modal and structural analysis
  • Vibration system force rating from 200 Kgf to 600 kgf for testing small electronic assemblies, automotive components
  • Vibration system force rating from 1000 Kgf to 7000 kgf for testing medium to large sized  electronic assemblies, automotive parts, aviation and avionics parts
  • Multi-Excitation vibration testing system from 300 Kgf 7000 Kgf for simultaneous tri-axis vibration testing
  • Power amplifier designed for continuous operation with any electro-dynamic shaker 


We provide solutions as diverse as lab testing, modal & structural analysis, squeak and rattle, packaging testing, stress and dynamic testing. 

  • Automotive and Locomotive
  • Aerospace and Space
  • Defence
  • Consumer electronics

 Vibration Controller Hardware

We offer vibration controller from a pioneer and leader in the field of vibration control who provide customers with state-of-the-art technology.


As per the requirements of customers, we are involved in offering a huge array of Electrodynamic Shaker System. Moreover, our products are available in market at most affordable prices.

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Force rating from 10 Kgf to 4000 Kgf
  • High performance

Front End Signal Processing Box
Front End Signal Processing Box

Front End Signal Processing Box
Low-noise design with a dedicated high-speed processor for signal processing. Front BNC connectors for four input connections.
Analog Channels
One to 128 simultaneous channels. All 128 channels can be used for control or monitor. 
Input Channel Expansion
System can be expanded from one to 128 total analog inputs and each module contains four inputs.  
Digital Inputs/Outputs
Rear, pluggable terminal block enables the digital level signals –for remote start /stop /pause / continue and other functions 
Output Channels
One analog output (drive) standard; COLA output is standard with SineVIEW.
Electronics Per Channel
Differential amplifier. Configurable as differential, single ended, AC or DC, analog and digital, anti-aliasing filters, and 24-bit analog to digital converter (ADC).

  Vibration Controller Software


SINE – Run swept and/or fixed-frequency sine wave vibration tests, with control of acceleration, velocity, and displacement.

SINE ON SINE – Run mixed-mode tests with up to 32 sine tones simultaneously.

RANDOM – Run Controlled spectrum random tests (tests with a spectrally shaped gaussian amplitude distribution)

SINE ON RANDOM – Run mixed-mode tests with sine tones superimposed on a random background.

RANDOM ON RANDOM – Run controlled spectrum random tests with swept random "tones" superimposed on a random background.

KURTOSION® – Re-introduce the high acceleration peaks back into your random vibration tests.

RANDOM IMPORT – Import your time-based vibration data recording and convert to a power spectral density curve with breakpoint table.

FATIGUE DAMAGE SPECTRUM – Measure your products fatigue and calculate its lifespan. 

SHOCK – Run standard classical shock pulses as well as (optional) user-defined or SRS synthesized transient pulses.

SRS - Perform Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) analysis. Run a shock pulse defined by a frequency vs. G peak table. 

TRANSIENT CAPTURE – Capture a transient waveform for post process. 

FIELD DATA REPLICATION – Reproduce, in your test lab on your shaker, the actual acceleration waveforms you measure in the field. The controller automatically compensates for shaker and fixture response.

EARTHQUAKE – Run a shock pulse defined by a frequency vs. G peak table. Many different waveform synthesis generation techniques included.

 - Record your field acceleration measurements digitally, directly to your PC's hard drive.


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